Welcome to the page regarding the creature known as The Gloob 

Information: All information is accurate however we do not know much about this creature.


Name: The Gloob

Discoverer: Dr James Torchenstart

Danger Rating: Notably Dangerous

Rarity: One of a kind.

Advice on sight: If you become one of the few who have actually spotted this peculiar creature there is some advice you must follow to stay alive, you must stay hidden at all times if you are spotted there is no advice I can give you.

Safety Precautions: There is but one thing that is known to repel The Gloob without fail, covering yourself completely in molten lava.


Wait won't the lava kill me too?   ANSWER: Indeed it will.

Is there any counter weapon which can be used against the creature?  ANSWER: No.

The CreatureEdit

The Gloob certainly is a crafty one, he appears to be a regular fat man. The way in which he lures his victims is with promise of free frying pans, if they are foolish enough to follow him... they will explode for unexplained reasons. 

The Police will treat the death as a Hit and Run case, and the public will most likely believe them.

An extract from the journal of Doctor James TorchenstartEdit

Truly remarkable, I have found it. It is no longer a fable. It is fact. I noticed it at first when I was enjoying my picnic in the middle of the Hartenforgen Forest as I sat and ate I heard a noise, it sounded rather like a salesman I sat in silence for a moment trying to hear what exactly he was selling...

"Frying pans! free! get your frying pans here! come on folks! get em' here!" I approached him and engaged him in conversation "Hello?" I said nervously "Oh, Hello fine sir! Frying pan?" he replied. Now as the fable goes you should never accept his gift of a frying pan. In the corner of my eye I noticed some human bodyparts scattered around the nearbly area, that's when it hit me The Gloob I ran oh I ran so fast. Did I escape? Well of course I did moron I am writing this aren't I?

More as it happens 

-Dr. James Torchenstart

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